Institute of Sustainable Energy: CETA2022 conference


The scope of the conference

The conference encourages papers on any aspect and scale of technologies for clean and efficient energy generation and/or utilization that decrease the environmental impact of that production and use, from the laboratory to commercial applications. Numerical and experimental investigations on technology development, improvement and integration are within the scope of the conference, as well as case studies and analysis devoted to regulation, standards and policy.

The scope of the conference covers, but not limited to, the following topics:
  • clean energy conversion, utilization, and storage
  • modelling, simulation and computational optimization of energy systems 
  • experimental analysis of energy systems
  • renewable energy sources and technologies 
  • alternative fuels technologies 
  • advanced energy conversion technologies 
  • conventional energy sources in energy transition
  • energy storage technologies 
  • cogeneration, trigeneration, and polygeneration technologies
  • distributed generation, smart grids, and local self-sufficiency in energy supply
  • energy efficiency 
  • hybrid energy systems
  • smart buildings, and energy-saving, passive and nearly zero energy buildings
  • green fuel/energy for mobility 
  • modelling for pollution avoidance 
  • measurements, automation and monitoring in energy systems
  • green economy 
  • energy markets 
  • energy policy 
  • other topics connected with clean and green energy engineering and related technologies.