Institute of Sustainable Energy: CETA2022 conference

Register / Login

Access to the CMT system

If you want to attend the CETA2022 conference, you need to make a registration at first. You can do it via Conference Management Toolkit (Microsoft CMT) which is available HERE.

Registration / login instructions

By clicking on the button Access to the CMT system you will be directed to Microsoft Conference Management Toolkit (CMT). The login/registration window will be displayed.

  • if you already have a CMT account, please enter your login details to access the system;
  • if you are a new user,  press the „Register” link in the bottom right corner of the window;
  • if you have forgotten your password, you can use the link „Forgot your password?” to retrieve your login credentials.

If you were a participant in the SEED conferences or other conferences that were managed using CMT, after logging into the system, you will be directed to the „My Conferences” tab.

If “International Conference on the Clean Energy Technologies and Assessment (CETA2022)” is not present in the displayed list please navigate to the „All Conferences” tab. In the box „type to filter…”, enter the full title of the conference or its acronym. 

Creating new submission / editing existing submission

In the author console, you will be able to register your participation in CETA2022 Conference, send an abstract, and send a manuscript of the full paper. To register your participation and submit an abstract use the button „Create new submission”. Then, please carefully follow the steps as below:

  1. In the section „TITLE AND ABSTRACT” please type the title of your paper and the body of your abstract (without author names, affiliations, etc.). If you are a non-author, please type „Not applicable”.
  2. In section „AUTHORS” please add all co-authors of your paper (if any).
  3. In section „SUBJECT AREA” please tick the area that best fitted to the topic of your abstract. If you are a non-author, please tick the option „None Of Above”.
  4. In section „FILES” please add a PDF file with confirmation of being a Ph.D. student (if you are registering as a Ph.D. Student).
  5. In section „ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS” please add additional useful information. If you are registering as the presenter, you are obligated to answer all questions (marked as „GENERAL” and „PRESENTERS”). If you are registering as the listener, you have to answer only questions 1-7 (marked as „GENERAL”).
  6. After receiving an acceptance letter from the Scientific Committee you may upload a file of a full manuscript. Use the option: “Edit submission” and upload DOC/DOCX file in the section „FILES”.

In case of submitting the second paper, you have to start another submission process (each author is allowed to submit no more than two presentations, including at least one oral presentation).